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Who we are

We are a group of college, high school, and middle school students with a passion for activism and education. We envision a future where every person, regardless of age or socioeconomic status, has the knowledge, skills, and motivation to shape the world. In order to achieve this, we aim to provide fellows with tools and skills so that they can create the world they want to live in.

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Meet us

Meet the team


Hello there, my name is Laney Arnold. I took this class a few years ago and was very inspired to create change in my own world. I learned skills to create, design, and implement change in my own way. I loved being in this class! I felt that the curriculum was fun and challenging, age appropriate and engaging - and I made some friends along the way. I am excited that as a facilitator, I can work with young activists and support their journeys as change-makers.



Hello! My name is Ruby, and I am a student at the American International School of Budapest. I believe that education and leadership are key components in growing future activists. I am incredibly excited to facilitate on behalf of YSCF and wish to inspire my generation to step into the world of activism. I intend to match my students' excitement and drive in this teaching.


Team Member

Hi y’all, my name is Jenny! I am a graduate student at UNC Chapel Hill, and I am getting my Masters of Arts in Teaching. I am an activist because I believe it is up to us to purposefully create change in our communities. I am particularly passionate about disability rights and voting access. As someone going into education, I think that teaching is a form of activism as you have the opportunity to inform. This is why I am so eager to be involved with YSCF, because education and collaboration are catalysts of progress.

Team Member

Hello! My name is Alice, and I am a high schooler in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I had my fist experience with YSCF in the Spring of 2021, as a student. Being around others my age who were so passionate about change-making was very eye-opening. I came back to YSCF so I could help others become inspired, and equipped with tools to feel confident about activism in today's world.



Team Member


I am from India, but I currently live in St-Andrews, Scotland where I am studying Sustainable development and Geography. I am deeply passionate about activism and community work so facilitating for Arden was a no-brainer. I am really excited to learn more and for the future of this project. 

Hi! My name is Emma, and I'm currently a senior at East Chapel Hill High School in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I initially joined YSCF as a student because I wanted to learn more about how to create positive change in my community. As a team member, I'm excited to share my enthusiasm about activism and pass on everything I've learned!

Hello! I’m Zahra, a middle schooler from Fort Worth, Texas. I joined YSCF as a student in Spring of 2021, and knew facilitation with this organization was my place after taking this course. I have met amazing, driven, young people, and have fit right into this beautiful community. I am so excited to share my passion on mending today’s social issues with others through YSCF. With education as a tool, we can change the world!


Founder & Team Member

Team Member

My name is Arden, and I am a Brown University student studying English and Education. I have worked as an educator in various capacities for many years for students from K-12. In addition to my teaching work, I have done a lot of activism, working towards climate and racial justice. I have learnt a lot about activism from my work and from classes in the past two years, and want to share my knowledge to increase the number of people we have working to make change.

First, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Steven, and I am currently incarcerated in Carson City, Nevada. I am very excited and looking forward to getting involved. My ultimate goal is to help make a change for the better. Even in my current situation, I refuse to be silent, so why should you? I can't wait to put all of our heads together and see what to come up with. They say two heads, or in our case, multiple heads, are better than one. So the possibilities are endless. I look forward to working with you all.

Team Locations!!!

We are a worldwide organization, with team members in North Carolina, Rhode Island, Texas, Scotland, and Hungary! 

Previous Team Members

Previous Team Members 

We would also like to mention and thank our previous team members, who have helped so much with shaping this organization into what it is today!

  • Cole Graber Mitchell

  • Daniela Carney

  • Ding Wei

  • Iliana Morgan

  • Johara Benrahou

  • Lauren Shue

  • Leia Cate Pinals

  • Malika Ali

  • Marian Matos

  • Teddy Whiteman

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