Kids with Backpacks


Welcome, Explorers! We believe that no one is too young to start changing the world (suggested ages 3-9), so we designed this program to introduce you to ideas of social change through fun activities and picture books.

Explorers will meet once a week for one hour in groups of less than ten. During the sessions, they will read picture books as a group and do some activities. Explorers will have the chance to take turns reading if they would like, but they do not have to.

No reading skills or book purchases are necessary to participate--we will read the books together each week.

As we sort some organizational things out, registration will be closed. We apologize for inconvenience, and hope to open it soon!

Common Curriculum


The curriculum begins by exploring the imperatives and motivations for doing this work (change-making and its importance), and then will explore how young people can make change in their communities (learning about change-makers). We’ll then learn specific strategies that we can use (strategies) and then apply them to causes we each care about (becoming a change-maker). 

Learning Objectives:
  • Students will be able to identify reasons to get involved in social change

  • Students will be able to give examples of how activism can make change

  • Students will understand that change-making takes many different forms, and will have some knowledge about various forms

  • Students will be able to identify several young people who have worked to make a difference in their communities

  • Students will have an arsenal of strategies that they can use to address a problem in their communities

  • Students will develop a project that interests them doing work in their community

Essential Questions: 
Change-making and its importance:
  • What is activism? 

  • How can activism help us move from our current society to an ideal one? 

  • Why do we need activism? 

  • What is my personal stake in crafting a new world?


Learning about change-makers:

  • What does a change-maker do?

  • What motivates someone to overcome obstacles and make a difference?

  • Who can be an activist?



  • What are various ways to make change? 

  • What are the pros and cons of various modes of change? 

  • How do you work with others to create change?


Becoming a change-maker:

  • What is my vision for the world? 

  • How do I bring about that vision? What resources do I need?

  • What are my strengths? How can I bring about change? 

  • How do I incorporate change-making into my life?

  • How does my position affect how I am able to make change? What things do I need to consider about my positionality?

  • What is something that I can do to take action in my community?


Reading List

You will not need your own copies of the books, as we will read as a group, but if you would like to get the books, here is a list of what we will be reading.


If you choose to purchase your own copies of the books, we do not encourage buying books from Amazon if possible, given the various inequities and injustices that Amazon helps create and facilitate.