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Join Us!

Support our mission? Want to join the team?

We are currently accepting new facilitators and would love to meet you! If you are interested in making a mark and becoming part of the work we do, please complete the application below. 

What You Will Gain

Grow as a facilitator and leader in a supportive community environment, and get hands-on facilitation and mentorship experience—all while boosting your own activism knowledge and tool-kit! Please note that for now, this is a volunteer position, with no financial compensation (but we'll cover all associated costs).


No previous facilitation experience necessary, as YSCF will support you along the way with lesson plans, weekly debriefs, and frequent communication. The curricula are designed to work for a broad range of comfort levels. We provide enough guidance and resources that you can have things to work off, but also they are purposely adaptable for you to bring in your own ideas and skills.


Time Commitment

All groups will meet for 45-75 minutes each Sunday at 3:00pm EST. You can expect 1-2 hours of additional work each week. The general ratio of planning to teaching is 1:1, but it may take more time than that depending on how comfortable you are with and your style of facilitating. On top of your responsibilities with your group, all the facilitators will meet once a week to discuss how things are going, share ideas with each other, and problem solve. 

Other ways to get involved

If you don't want to facilitate, but have other skills and ideas you want to bring to the team, send an email to               Some (but not all) roles we could use: a lawyer, a secretary, a budgeter, a curriculum director, outreach manager and team members, project mentors. If you're interested in any of those roles or have other ideas of how you can help, send us an email!

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