If our work and mission have resonated with you, please consider supporting us. There are many ways to ​do so, and the most effective and straightforward way is to do so financially. Many of our participants are unable to afford the participation and book fees, and as we do not want anyone to be financially burdened by this program, we waive fees and send the required books to all who need it. 

If you are financially able, we would appreciate any and all support to help ease this burden on us. For context, a donation of $50 will cover one student's operating costs. If you donate more than $150, will be named an official YSCF Donor, and your name—along with our many thanks—will be listed on our website and materials.

A special thank you to our generous Donors:

  • Thomas Fiore and Cay Tresolini 

  • Julia Fiore and Kent Leung

  • Suzanne Drake

  • Pat Murphy

  • Susan Tiedemann

  • Andrew Fiore

We accept donations through Venmo and GoFundMe. Please send your donations to @YSCFellowship on Venmo or gift them through our GoFundMe project. With any questions, please email us at Thank you so much in advance!

With Your Time 

We are looking for new facilitators! The more facilitators we have, the more groups we can manage, and the more students we can take in! If you are interested in education and/or social change, please consider joining our team of facilitators. This could be the perfect way for you to expand your community, build new skills, and add some experience under your belt. You can find more information on the "Join Us" page or apply through this link. We look forward to meeting you!

If you don't want to facilitate, but have other skills and ideas you want to bring to the team, send an email to               Some (but not all) roles we could use: a lawyer, a secretary, a curriculum director, outreach manager and team members, project mentors. If you're interested in of those roles, send us an email!

With Your Ideas

We are constantly trying to improve and better our program. If there are any gaps in our curriculum or any additional books or resources that you may feel would be beneficial, please let us know! We love to hear feedback. After all, helping students grow is our priority and goal. Help us do just that, and send an email to

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