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Fees & Aid

Fees & Aid

Although ideally we would offer our fellowship free-of-charge, it would be impossible to provide the best experience possible without any costs. And, as we are students ourselves, we cannot carry these financial burdens alone, so we have set up a simple fee system for all.

We are believers in equity, so we urge all of our participants to pay according to their means. Currently, we have a three-tier fee program. The $50 basic participation fee will cover the program's maintenance costs, and any contribution above that will be used to sponsor other students' participation and book costs.

Basic Participant


We ask that all participants pay $50 to enroll in our program. Costs will go to maintain the program, cover facilitators' costs, and to fill in monetary gaps of needed financial aid for students.


Participant & Sponsor


Not all students can spare $50 for the course. If you wish to be a sponsor, your participation fees will cover the operating costs of another fellow.

Pay What You Can


We understand that not everyone has equal financial means. If paying the $50 participation fee is not an option, we ask that you pay what you are able. Think about what would be a personally significant contribution. We appreciate as much as you are able to pay, and your payment will go to cover our operating costs.

If you have any questions, check the FAQs & feel free to email us at!

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